Class A CDL Course

  • 1 day of training consisting of pre-trip inspection, backing/skills training and road testing.
  • Must have written tests taken and possess a valid permit. (General knowledge, air brakes and combination). DOT will not schedule any testing until all 3 tests are completed.
  • This program is designed to obtain a CDL for personal use (such as grain, livestock, motor coach, ETC).
  • The 1 day program is not for persons who wish to be over the road truck drivers; due to company policies the individuals who take this program will not be hired. Longer courses are available if you are interested in over the road truck driving.
  • Courses offered weekly, call to schedule an appointment.
  • Cost $300, $25 deposit required.
  • Not a certificate program.
  • DOT sets all testing dates.
  • If you have any questions please contact Jamie Hoshaw 515-574-1964, Jeff Frank (Director) ext. (515)-574-1967, Allen Johnson (Coordinator) ext. (515)-574-1965, or 1-800-362-2793.