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Sue Heistand
1-800-362-2793 ext. 1292

Course Title: Consumer Financing Compliance
Course Number: ZSR-101-FD03
Course Cost: $159.00
Course Location: Fort Dodge Center

Course Description:

Course Comments: This class will assist dealers who are currently providing or giving consideration to offering bank, credit union, or other lending sources to their customers. The course will cover in depth compliance requirements for the dealer, the customer and the lender. The class will teach you how to conduct business legally, ethically and in compliance with state and federal law, rule and regulation. Dealers will learn about the legal requirements of selling service contracts, warranties ,GAP policies, insurance products, and certified pre-owned programs. The class will review dealer documentation retention and best practices to safeguard both the dealership records and customer information. Updated information on dealer advertising requirements will be provided. Dealers will become familiar with all forms necessary to establish correct procedures for compliance documents as they relate to consumer finance. Updated information will be provided on state and federal law, rule and regulation.

Course Meeting Information:

Instruction Method Building Room Start Time End Time Course Meets On Start Date End Date
Lecture EA 207 8:00 AM 1:00 PM F 9/5/2014 9/5/2014