Math Education

For people who appreciate logical thinking, intriguing patterns and complex relationships, mathematics is a beautiful subject. It has been said that mathematics is not so much a body of knowledge as it is a method for expanding our knowledge of the world around us. Obtaining a solid mathematical background at Iowa Central can open the door to this fascinating world in which exciting new fields such as fractal geometry, chaotic systems and artificial life await you.

Students at Iowa Central have the opportunity to use Maple in many of their math classes. Maple has been installed on the computers in the math lab. 

Graphing calculators are also used extensively in math classes at Iowa Central.  Students are expected to have their own graphing calculators in pre-calculus, calculus, and differential equations classes and are encouraged to use them in several other math classes. A limited number of these calculators are also available for student use in the library.

Possible Careers

  • Find a job that requires this degree by visiting Career Coach!Actuarial Science
  • Applied Science Technology
  • Banking
  • Computer Science
  • Cost Analysis
  • Cryptology
  • Demography
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Financial Auditor
  • Financial Planner
  • Industrial Research
  • Investment Management
  • Operations Research
  • Quality Control
  • Resource Management
  • Statistics
  • System Analysis
  • Teaching

Course Schedule

A.A. Degree

First Semester

Course # Course Title
Credit Hours
ENG-105 Composition I
MAT-127 College Algebra & Trigonometry
SDV-108 The College Experience
XXX-XXX Humanities & Social Science Electives
Total Hours: 15.0

Second Semester

Course # Course Title
Credit Hours
EDU-213 Intro to Education
ENG-106 Composition II
MAT-156 Statistics I
MAT-210 Calculus I
XXX-XXX Humanities Elective
Total Hours: 16.0

Third Semester

Course # Course Title
Credit Hours
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
MAT-158 Statistics II
MAT-216 Calculus II
XXX-XXX Social Science & Humanities Electives
Total Hours: 16.0

Fourth Semester

Course # Course Title
Credit Hours
CSC-110 Intro to Computers
XXX-XXX Science, Humanities, & Social Science Electives
Total Hours: 16.0
A.A. Degree Total Hours: 64.0


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Joshua Howell Associate, Liberal Arts 515-574-1250
Jenny Shivers Associate, Liberal Arts 515-574-1252