The following is a list of dental hygiene services and functions taught to clinical competency and performed by dental hygiene students in the Dental Hygiene Student Clinic. Treatment is prescribed by licensed dentists employed by the college to supervise clinic sessions. Licensed dental hygienists are employed in the clinic to instruct, evaluate, and enhance the students’ clinical learning experiences.

1. Clinical infection control procedures
2. Social, medical, and dental health history data collection
3. Blood pressure and pulse measurements, temperature and respiration rates
4. Extraoral and intraoral examinations (Cancer Screening)
5. Dental charting
6. Periodontal charting and assessment
7. Client oral health education,
8. Dental hygiene assessment, treatment planning, and evaluation
9. Oral radiographs - exposing, processing, and interpretations

  • Bitewing x-ray
  • Full mouth x-rays
  • Panographic x-ray
10. Calculus detection
11. Ultrasonic scaling
12. Periodontal scaling
13. Root (planing) debridement
14. Polishing
15. Application of topical fluoride
16. Application of dental sealants
17. Application of tooth desensitization
18. Application of topical anesthetic agents, including transoral delivery system
19. Local anesthesia as needed
20. Application of chemotherapeutic agents including subgingival irrigation
21. Nutritional counseling
22. Alginate impressions and study models
23. Cleaning of removable prosthetic appliances
24. Bleaching trays
25. Night guards/athletic mouth guards

The following procedures are taught to laboratory competency*:

1. Placement and removal of rubber dams
2. Maintenance of dental implants
3. Finishing and polishing amalgam restorations
4. Suture removal
5. Pulp vitality
6. Placement and removal of periodontal dressings
7. Soft tissue curettage
8. Removal of interproximal overhangs

*Procedures taught to laboratory competence are delegable to a licensed dental hygienist in the state of Iowa by a licensed dentist. The theory and process pertaining to these procedures are presented to students in dental hygiene courses. Students practice the procedures on student partners or manikins under direct faculty supervision. These procedures may be prescribed and provided to a community client when such need has been determined during the assessment process; however, since adequate pool of clients is not always available, students are not required to achieve clinical competence prior to graduation.