Flexlab courses offer the flexibility for students to study at home and/or in the Flexlab with instuctor(s) in the Flexlab available for assistance with coursework.

Course Length

Welcome to the Iowa Central FlexlabStudents enrolled at the start of the term will have until the end of the term to complete a course. Students may enroll after the start of the term; however, they will only have the remainder of the term to complete coursework. Regardless of when a student enrolls, all coursework must be submitted by the last day of the current term. Students may complete a course before the end of the term depending upon their individual pace.  Contact the AST 401 Flexlab, for orientation and to receive the learning packet for each course.

Computer software required for the courses is available on the Flexlab computers and most campus computers.   Students using other computers will need to have the software required for the course.  Students will be required to do testing for the Flexlab courses in the Flexlab.  The number of tests will vary with each course.

The Flexlab is located in the Applied Science and Technology Building, Room 401.

Contact Us

Visit with our Flexlab Coordinator, Justin Meyer, or our secretary, Anita Lindquist, in the Flexlab located in the Applied Science and Technology Building (formerly the Voc. Tech. Building) on the Fort Dodge campus, Room 401.


Call Iowa Central at 515-574-1271 or 1-800-362-2793, Ext. 1271, if you need further information.